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02.02 - 12.02.2023

Opening Times:

02 - 04.02 16.00 - 23.00

05.02 13.00 - 19.00

07.02 - 09.02 13.00 - 19.00

10.02 13.00 - 20.00

11.02 16.00 - 23.00

Opening 02.02.23 16.00 

02.02 Live Performances19.00 - Chris Dreier / 03.02 Live Performance 19.00 - Sinister Sveta

A Rupture between the dream state and reality is formed upon awakening.

This division has a profound impact on our lives, as the collision of both worlds brings about a disoriented state of oneirophrenia within the subject.

By placing the visitor in the vicinity of the subject, we are granted the opportunity to stroll inside one’s subconscious mind, drifting between the dream world and so-called reality.

RUPTURE is a peek into an individual’s disrupted world, one that exists in between reality and the domain of dreams. It is a realm we all encounter on a daily basis, or rather, on a nightly basis.

Based on a sound recording documenting a dream, Daniel Shushan and Dora Krylov have reconstructed the gallery and transformed it into a space torn in two. Krylov and Shushan attempt to grant the visitor a glimpse into the subject’s physical bedroom, alongside the ominous world of his dream.

Using a transdisciplinary approach, the artists form an alliance between the mediums. Emmanuelle Wilhelm, Liran Shoshan, Kasia Stochel, Dora Krylov, and Daniel Shushan treat the rooms like a diptych consisting of paintings, sculptures, video work and a soundscape, creating a dynamic in which each work relies on the others to further strengthen the immersive process.

This event is made in collaboration with Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM.


Dora Krylov [b.1998 in Holon] is a Berlin based artist focusing on video and Installation work.

Their art is rooted in an exploration of human experience and the surreal mutuality of all perceptible things.

As they encounter snippets of an overflowing reality, a glimpse into the particularity of distinct daily gestures is unveiled.

Through the use of evocative imagery and sound, Krylov attempts to create a space to observe the dissonant and the unexpected as well as a haven for contemplation.

Daniel Shushan (b.1994, Ramat Gan) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on sound, film and performance.

Shushan's work continuously attempts to capture the inevitable occurrences of the subconscious mind clashing with the mundane reality of modern day-to-day life.

Shushan strives to make the most out of self-recorded, unprocessed familiar sounds while maintaining a musical feel in his works. He utilizes his skills as an electronics technician to modify and use vintage analog equipment such as reel-to-reel tapes, test oscillators, and synthesizers.

Shushan is both critical and antagonistic towards today's society whilst embracing it as a chameleon does - it is an approach he adopts in order to overcome the on-growing gap in society's social, cultural, ideological and economic power structures.

Kasia Stochel (b.1998, Poland) is a multidisciplinary mixed media artist based in Berlin. Stochel explores the mystic aspects of the human mind and the abstract through her art. She draws inspiration from different ancient indigenous arts and spiritual entities such as demons and spirits, which have been present in various cultures throughout human history. By delving into her inner worlds she reflects on the ongoing struggle of battling our inner turmoil and the ways in which spirituality and mystical worlds continue to intersect with our modern, technologically advanced era.

Liran Shoshan (b. Israel, 1986) is a painter working in multiple mediums. He lives and works in Ramat Gan. 

In his paintings Shoshan creates compositions that are desert-like territories, expressing a sense of alienation and solitude, mixing melancholia with animated vitality.

Forgotten subjects are depicted with mindful attention in an attempt to highlight an essence that lies hidden underneath the surface, trying to find poeticism in the seemingly prosaic. 

The images are a physical imprint of an imaginary dialogue between the artist and subject, their quiet stillness echoes restrained, concentrated energy and invites us to utter a voice of our own.

Emmanuelle Wilhelm is a figurative painter. She lives and works in Berlin.

Wilhelm’s painting reflects the problematic distinction between a frozen painting and a moving digital image and in doing so, it brings out a characteristic feature of film: the movement of color. In her work we encounter the temporality of melodramatic images. Melodramatic images as selfactive agents only have a limited duration.

She tries to capture those volatile snapshots in her paintings in order to prolong their duration of action. Wilhelm’s artistic achievement thus consists in showing this effectiveness of political affect in the pictures - in the medium of painting, which does not, however, make any claim to absoluteness as a pleasure.

The oil paintings show a tension between objectivity and abstraction, between detailed craftsmanship and coarse, fast application of paint, between sinister scenes and dazzling colors.

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