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- a merge of the words "main" (hand) and "oeuvre" (work),

into a portmanteau of "manoeuvre", French for maneuver;

a move or a set of moves, requiring skill and care -



For a city known for its rich art scene, Berlin galleries too often reek more of the commercial than the creative—sparse, sterile and exclusive white cubes squatted by salespeople awaiting purchases, with none of the messiness of having actual artists around. We at Mainoeuvre want to shift the dynamics of the average gallery space—both metaphorically and literally.


Our different backgrounds and experiences enable us to think and build in unique directions, opening up new channels for people like us: passionate, innovative and creative humans who need more access, not less. We want to be a link between this city’s diverse melange of cultural expression, between well-known creators and new talents: an open space where ideas are brought together to create something bigger.




Mainoeuvre exists not only for the love of the game, but to even the odds and the playing field. We, too, are artists, builders, promoters. We know the underground because we come from it, making and moving within the ebb and flow of this city’s phantasmagoric nightlife and culture. We know the struggle, and the bliss of creation that makes it all worthwhile. 


We want to create a space that is yours, too. Intercultural conversation and cross-disciplinary inspiration are as much our aim as providing an exceptional experience for our artists and patrons—our aim is more people creating, more mutant minds inspiring each other. Mainoeuvre is always open for collaboration to creatives of all ages, forever wanting fresh minds and hands to shape new worlds inside it.


We believe in establishing long-lasting bonds between emerging young artists and the established avant garde, sans guards—more than just a gallery, our space is a hub where connections may be made and where the invisible barriers between artist and art lover do not exist; indeed, where the very walls themselves may be torn down. 




This world and our perception of it is ever-changing, in a constant state of flux. In this whirl of creation, the lenses and forums through which one views and celebrates art must be equally adaptive. Owing to the unique 1920s-era architecture of Salomon Haberland as well as good ol’ DIY ingenuity, the high walls and ceilings of Mainoeuvre function as a Rubik’s Cube: walls and partitions can be altered, changing the energy and flow of the space and allowing for larger exhibitions, performances and screenings.


Mainoeuvre may be modified for a wide spectrum of functions—from exhibitions, workshops, fashion walks and networking, film screenings, literature readings, and awareness events from the technologically innovative to BDSM rope performances ...if you can conceive it, we’ll help you create it. We also organize a variety of off-site events in abandoned factories, parks and other urban spaces of beauty and neglect. 




Located in Berlin’s beautiful and historic “Bavarian Quarter" in the Schöneberg district within two minutes walk from Bayerischer Platz, Mainoeuvre’s Meraner Straße 10 address is comfortably centered amongst numerous green spaces, with a wide sidewalk to accommodate functions inevitably spilling out into the street. Our large front window is impossible to miss, making us an easy destination at any hour.




And we’re open for you. Get in touch with us:

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